Create Your Sponsored Ad Campaign

To create a campaign, click the green "Create Campaign" button located on the "home" page or on the "campaigns" page of your dashboard. If you cannot locate the "Create Campaign" button, click the logo in the top left-hand corner of the page and you will be taken back to the home page. The button is located on the home page.

Once you have clicked "Create Campaign" button you will see the first step in the Ad Creation Wizard

As you make selections, more steps will become available for you to navigate.

Select the Product Ad campaign type.

Help Tips

Throughout the Ad Creation process, there are help tips available that explain what each of the components mean. These guide you through the process of creating your ads and help you understand how each part of the process works. To view a help tip, click the small icon beside each step.

Campaign subtypes define the location your ad will be displayed. You should select the subtype that suits your advertising goal. The available types are:

  • Category & Search

  • Category Only

To appear on both category and search pages, select Category & Search, otherwise you should select Category Only. Your ad will then only appear on relevant category pages.

Giving Your Campaign a Name

Giving your campaign a name will make it easy to identify in your Campaign Manager and Reports page. Make your campaign as descriptive as possible. The name of your campaign should represent the product(s) you are promoting or the particular time frame or strategy you've chosen (for example, "Shoes June Clearance"). When you have entered a name, either push the "Enter/Return" key on your keyboard or click on the green "Enter" button.

Selecting a Campaign Duration

The next option that you have in the ad creation process is to select whether you want your ad to run for an active period (from one set date to another set date) or if you want the ad to be running continuously.

If you select "Yes", you will be required to set a start date and a finish date for your campaign. You may select any time period within the next 12 months to advertise your product. This option means that your ad will not show on the website until 1 minute past midnight on the specified start date and will not show after midnight of the finish date.

If you select no, your campaign will run immediately on the website according to the strategy that you set on the next part of the Ad Creation Wizard.

Selecting Your Advertising Region

You will select your advertising region by selecting your wallet. Your wallet currency will determine the ZALORA region you will advertise within.

For Example: If you wish to advertise on the ZALORA Singapore website, you will need to select a wallet with the currency of ZALORA Singapore. This is Singapore Dollar, any wallet in Singapore Dollar will state (SGD) beside its name.

ZALORA Region Currencies

Each ZALORA region uses a different local currency. See below for each region's currency.

Selecting Your Wallet

Select the wallet you would like to spend with on your campaign. This is the wallet that will be used to spend your advertising credits, and the currency of the wallet will select the ZALORA region you will advertise in.

Your wallet must be setup in the currency of the catalog (region) you would like to advertise in. If you do not see a wallet within an eligible ZALORA region, you will need to set up a new wallet.

For more information, and how to set up a wallet see the Wallets page.